Residential Window Tinting

UltraGard Window Films makes a distinct difference in maintaining the look, privacy and comfort of any home or building.  Residential and commercial window tinting presents a uniform appearance from the outside that is architecturally impressive, offers increased privacy, helps to preserve the furnishings, blocks harmful UV rays, amazing heat rejection qualities and added security are just a few of the reasons how we can help you.

UltraGard window film is a protective microthin layer of treated polyester that is adhered to the surface of existing glass. Solar control versions use metallised or advanced ceramic coatings that act as an insulating barrier and are primarily designed to shield your home or building windows from intense heat, glare and UV rays from the sun.

UltraGard window films are available in a large range of styles, we are sure to find one to suit your personal needs;

  • Energy Saving Films

  • Anti-Glare Films

  • Privacy Tinted Films

  • Privacy Reflective Films 

  • Dual Reflective Films

  • Ceramic Films

  • Low-E Films

  • Safety Films 

  • Security Films 

  • Frosted Films

  • Decorative Films

Almost all of our residential films are backed by lifetime warranty (excluding some specialty films) to ensure your product will not fade, crack or lose performance over its life.

To find what films would suit your needs, or to book a measure & quote, send us an enquiry here.