Automotive Window Tinting

Diamond Window Tints and Oz Window Films have teamed up to supply Canberra with one of the best Automotive window films on the market. All films are available in a range of VLT (shade) options, are 99% UV protection and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

ir_xtreme_specs .jpg

IR Xtreme

Offering insistence on quality and performance, manufactured by the industry's most reliable manufacturer, IR Xtreme is built for performance and appearance.  

IR Xtreme is constructed with an inter-layer of Titanium Nitride particles for extreme infrared rejection, making IR Xtreme the perfect choice for those who demand the ultimate choice in window film.  Xtreme film built for Xtreme Conditions

ccx_spec_sheet copy.jpg

CC Xtreme

​CC Xtreme is a charcoal ceramic film that incorporates ceramic technology to produce a metal free, colour stable window film, sharing the same DNA as Global Window Films.  CC Xtreme offers great looks and impressive performance without sacrificing clarity.

CS Xtreme

Carbon film is the first colour-stable film, constructed by infusing carbon particles into the material. This means that rather than being dyed, the film obtains its colour from carbon material, resulting in a true black colour that will never fade. Outstanding heat rejection, glare reduction, fade resistant, and UV protection, and with no metal layers to interfere with radio, GPS and cell phones, CS Xtreme is sure to meet your needs.