Our Team Members

If you haven't been lucky enough to meet our team, check out the info and pictures to learn a little more about them 


Owner | Director

Jason is the back bone of the company; he has a real passion for the industry and strives to take it forward.

In his downtime Jason looks forward to spending time with family and fishing.



Sasha & Koda

Chief 'Branch' Managers

Sasha and Koda are our two morale boosters - if your day has been a little 'ruff', we promise Sasha and Koda will lift your spirits


Brand Ambassadors 

Maverick (3.5yo) and Harper (2yo) are ours and our customers' favourite brand ambassadors. They always want to help out and are continuously asking questions like 'why' over and over and over again.



Courtney is employee of the month, every month. She loves trips to the coast and normally has awesome pink hair! 
Courtney is hard working and reliable, she is a team player and such an asset to Diamond Tints. 



Tegan is generally behind the lines taking care of administration and all social media aspects of the business. Tegan enjoys spending time with her family, dirtbike riding and gaming